Leadership,Talent Published Date, 2020

[WEBINAR] Building Effective Workplace And Philanthropic Cultures In Your Organization

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your nonprofit unique and is the sum of traditions, interactions, and core values combined. A strong workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement, and affects performance. Additionally, a strong culture of philanthropy ensures that even amid a crisis, the focus on fundraising remains steadfast and effective.

So, how can you build and maintain a strong culture of philanthropy and effective workplace amid the current crisis when most everyone is virtual? Having your leadership, Board, and staff rowing in the same direction now will help your organization bounce back faster and stronger coming out of this crisis.

In this webinar, members of Orr Group’s Senior Leadership team – Shaby RosalesSteve OrrCJ Orr, and Becca Bennett – discuss how organizations can best leverage their leaders, Board, and staff to support philanthropy during this time, and how to ensure organizational effectiveness in the ‘new’ normal ahead.

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