Nonprofit Planned Giving Assistance

Over the next several decades, the largest and wealthiest generation in history will transfer $68 trillion to their Gen X and Millennial children[1]. An estimated $6.3 trillion will be transferred to charities through bequests. Unless donors are asked, 90% of donor mortality will result in a lost opportunity.

Like never before, wealthy individuals are seeking opportunities to achieve their philanthropic goals through estate planning. This could mean, providing for their heirs, tax planning, and supporting the causes most important to them. By leveraging creative giving vehicles and blended gift strategies, donors are making gifts at levels that they had never thought possible before. In turn, organizations that are utilizing these techniques are securing commitments that will sustain their important work for years to come.

To develop a successful planned giving program, organizations need to adapt a holistic development strategy. In addition to cash-in-hand, donor wealth can be held in stocks, bonds, retirement assets, life insurance, and real estate. Development officers can access these assets through standard bequests, IRA distributions, CLATS, gift of life insurances, and other planned giving models. By strategically integrating these creative giving models, donors are empowered to think much bigger in terms of the impact they can make.

Leveraging our in-house expertise and strategic partnerships, we provide a full range of services to help nonprofits with planned giving. When you work with us, you get a group that is dedicated to providing personalized attention to our clients. We prize innovation above all else, and that means we’ll always be looking for new, more effective and more efficient ways to assist you.

How Can We Help Your Nonprofit With Planned Giving?

Our nonprofit planned giving services can help you become more organized and targeted in your planned giving efforts. Our top-notch team can set up short- and long-term goals for your program. Our areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Marketing and Communications: We can help you articulate the importance of planned giving and develop supporting materials that will resonate with your donors. Planned giving for nonprofits doesn’t have to be complex. We can help you effectively communicate with your donors and elevate their impact.
  • Donor Prospecting: Determining who your best planned giving prospects are takes time. Using our sophisticated approaches to gift planning, we can help assess your donor pool and develop a pipeline of planned giving prospects.
  • Staff Training and Strategic Counsel: Talking about planned giving can scare even the most seasoned fundraiser. By partnering with us, we can help you talk the talk. We deliver customized training for staff and leadership on planned giving strategies and best practices.

Why Use Our Planned Giving Services for Your Nonprofit?

Learning about and using planned giving as part of creative philanthropic planning will almost always deepen relationships and raise the bar on all gift conversations.

When you provide the opportunity for donors to integrate their philanthropic goals into their overarching wealth management plans, it helps your donors see the value of incorporating charitable giving to minimize taxes and leave a lasting impact on a cause that is important to them.

Our team has done this before.

We can walk your potential planned giving donors through the steps to set up their planned gifts. It can be complicated, and many people get intimidated by the thought of diving in, but we’ll reassure potential donors and show them exactly what they need to do. By helping your nonprofit with planned giving, we’ll secure more long-term donations for your organization.

Get in Touch With Us Today to Discuss Your Planned Giving Needs

Helping nonprofits with planned giving is just one of the many comprehensive services we provide. Orr Group can also assist you with other fundraising needs as well as recruitment, campaigns, interim leadership, and more. We understand nonprofits, and we can help elevate your organization to the next level.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your vision for your nonprofit planned giving program and hear how we can help.