We grow more than your revenue.

Orr Group was born out of a need for event management and fundraising support in the philanthropic sector. In the 30 years since we opened our doors, we have grown to provide full-service support in six key areas: Strategy, Fundraising, Campaigns, Talent, Planned Giving, and Leadership.

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When nonprofits don’t reach their milestones, it’s seldom because those milestones were unrealistic. It’s because the organization lacked a strong plan. We’re experts in helping you build comprehensive and practical strategies that are equal to your vision of a better future. Let us help you get there.

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Many nonprofits fall short of their fundraising goals simply because they’ve fallen behind the times. Technology, metrics, and data development are just some of the methods Orr Group has pioneered to build operational efficiency and donor relationships. We can transform how you’re raising your money.

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Often, nonprofit leadership has a powerful vision for growth or change, but it’s left unrealized because the organization lacks the resources to pursue it. A campaign could be the breakthrough you need. Orr Group has the capacity and expertise to work at every stage of assessment, planning, readiness, and implementation to ensure a successful outcome.


It’s all about the team. We can manage your recruitment and hiring efforts, support Human Resources operations, and help you infuse diversity, equity and inclusion throughout your organization’s policies and culture, helping you find and keep people who make you stronger.

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Planned Giving

Nonprofits that neglect legacy giving are missing out on an urgent moment to build long-term prosperity. The wealthiest generation in history has already begun to transfer over $6 trillion toward their philanthropic goals. Orr Group’s creativity and expertise in planned giving strategies can help you leverage the opportunity to secure commitments that will sustain your important work for years to come.


Great leaders are always hard to find, and in our new normal of accelerated executive turnover, keeping them is now harder than ever. These gaps and weaknesses at the top can cause dysfunction all the way down. We can help you improve the leadership you already have, and embed experienced executive staff to fill crucial areas of need across a range of roles and functions.