Orr Group’s teams of experienced development professionals work with our partners on a wide range of fundraising initiatives—from major gifts and foundation support to corporate sponsorships and events. Whether your goal is to raise tens of millions of dollars or billions in a capital campaign, we roll up our sleeves immediately and provide the right personnel to execute all aspects of a fundraising program, including onsite support.

Major Gifts Management

Major giving is one of the most important components of a nonprofit’s fundraising portfolio and capital campaign plan. A fully-resourced and properly-executed major giving program can provide a return on investment (ROI) that far exceeds the ROI delivered by annual giving or special event fundraising.

Orr Group will tailor our major giving services to suit your needs, whether you are embarking on a major gifts program for the first time, scaling major gifts activity up to new levels, or simply prefer to outsource some component of your major giving activity to free up staff time for other priorities.

Corporate Partnerships and Foundation Fundraising

More and more corporations are seeking partnerships with philanthropic organizations to pursue corporate social responsibility goals. Corporate partnerships can deliver tremendous return on investment and may include cash, pro bono services, and access to new volunteers, as well as be leveraged to significantly enhance a nonprofit’s brand.

Similarly, the opportunities for nonprofits to attract significant and targeted investment from philanthropic foundations is enormous. However, the effort, expertise, and time that must be invested to build the right relationships and secure capital campaign support can be overwhelming.

Orr Group can tailor an approach to meet a nonprofit’s unique capital campaign or fundraising plan needs, but broadly, we offer corporate partnership and foundation fundraising support across three areas:

  • Full partnership teams providing comprehensive services, from high-level strategy through implementation
  • Pipeline support, designed to identify and prioritize opportunities and deliver executable strategies to approach prospects, and
  • Realistic and actionable plans to start or accelerate corporate partnerships and foundation fundraising programs.

Board Development

Board leadership drives financial and programmatic success. The right board members focused on the right outcomes ensures impact and mission achievement.

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of your fundraising operations than recruiting highly qualified and enthusiastic people to serve on your board. Building a board is about finding leaders who have the right blend of skill sets, expertise, community connections and perspectives that align with your organization’s strategies, goals, and needs.

How the board does its work—its culture and structures—is just as important as getting the right people on the board. Understanding the areas a board needs to strengthen is relatively straightforward; actually improving performance is quite challenging. An objective voice can help steer the board toward these needed changes.

Orr Group can tailor an approach to work with you on board recruitment, engagement and fundraising, whether you are:

  • Challenged by your board’s lack of commitment to fundraising and ability to personally bring resources to the table
  • Needing greater diversity in sectors, skill-sets and demographics
  • Committed to building your board but lacking the staff resources to lead the effort
  • Seeking greater board alignment with your organization’s mission, goals and current needs
  • Aggressively seeking to increase revenue and needing the help of your board to do so, or
  • Fortunate to have a board willing to fundraise, but that needs to be kick-started.

In addition to recruiting the right new members for your board, Orr Group can help you develop a system for on-going board recruitment, a strengthened board structure and culture, and deeper engagement by board members, and ultimately increased revenue for your organization.

Planned Giving Programs

Planned giving, also referred to as legacy giving or deferred giving, is the process of making a significant charitable gift during a donor’s life or at death that is part of his or her financial or estate plan. Planned gifts typically require donors to retain a professional adviser to make effective use of legal and tax strategies and/or financial products. Because of the complexity associated with planned gifts, development offices should dedicate staffing and resources to ensuring that they connect with and engage potential planned gift donors, who are likely loyal and committed donors to the charity, but who may not be on the major gift prospect list.

Orr Group works extensively with nonprofits to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their planned giving strategies as part of a feasibility study and integrate planned giving into major gift programs and annual fund campaigns as appropriate.

Depending on the size, needs and budget of your organization, Orr Group can tailor a planned giving program to meet your goals and objectives, either:

  • A full planned giving team providing strategy development through full implementation support
  • Strategic planned giving counsel to identify and prioritize prospects and support your in-house development team, or
  • Project-specific engagement to grow your planned giving in a cost-effective way.

Fundraising Technology Tool Kit

Orr Group focuses a great deal of time and energy on researching and deploying technology solutions to help our partners raise more money and build more sustainable and enduring relationships with their donors. The areas in which we’ve either already deployed or are currently investigating technology solutions are shown in the graphic.

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