AI and Automation

In an era of rapid technological evolution, nonprofits often grapple with how best to harness these advancements for growth and impact. Orr Group is at the forefront of simplifying AI, offering clear, actionable strategies that transform challenges into achievements. We make AI accessible and practical, directly enhancing your operations and helping achieve your mission.

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Empowering nonprofits through AI-driven success…

  • Maximizing Fundraising Results: AI strategically boosts fundraising, increasing effectiveness and program impact.
  • Efficiency & Productivity: AI boosts fundraiser efficiency and streamlines operations, allowing more focus on strategic goals and innovation.
  • Agility & Responsiveness: AI empowers quick adaptation to changes, keeping you ahead in a dynamic fundraising environment.
  • Communications & Engagement: AI sharpens messaging and timing, deepening donor engagement and strengthening relationships.


At Orr Group, we harness AI and automations to empower nonprofits, improving fundraising outcomes and boosting productivity. Our strategic approach ensures smarter integration of AI, enhancing your mission’s impact. Discover how our tailored solutions can turn your challenges into meaningful successes.


AI Assessment

We evaluate your operations, whether you’re exploring automation and AI for the first time or looking to enhance existing systems, and provide actionable recommendations to increase efficiency and responsibly integrate AI tools. Our comprehensive assessments includes surveys, interviews, and focus groups to understand your current systems, AI practices, and administrative pain points. By presenting tailored recommendations, we help you modernize and automate workflows with the best tools, strategy, and governance, leading to increased productivity and greater impact for your organization.

AI Implementation

Building on our assessment, we guide your organization through the strategic implementation of AI technologies, ensuring a smooth and effective transition. As an embedded partner, we drive change by building recommended automations, training staff, and integrating AI ethically into your workflows. Our tailored workplan, based on assessment outcomes, ensures increased efficiency and seamless AI integration, helping your organization achieve maximum productivity and impact.

AI Training

Our customized training programs empower your team to navigate the AI landscape confidently, fostering a culture of innovation and responsible AI use. As an embedded partner, we work closely with your team to develop AI policies, lead task forces, and establish governance protocols tailored to your organization’s needs. We engage key stakeholders to roll out policies, identify training needs, and lead sessions that improve AI familiarity and responsible usage among staff. Our support ensures your AI initiatives are grounded in expertise, driving your mission forward with curated policies and enhanced staff proficiency.

AI Advisory

As your thought partner, we provide ongoing support, offering insights and advice to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving world of AI and automation. By meeting regularly with your stakeholders, we brainstorm initiatives and recommend next steps, ensuring you stay at the forefront of AI advancements. Our advisory services offer expert guidance, high-level recommendations, and a platform for strategic discussions, empowering your organization to navigate AI and automation with confidence and innovation.

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