Expert guidance,
hands-on support.

Too often, consulting partners leave you with a strategy you can’t afford. The realities of implementation often limit nonprofits’ ability to put good plans into action. Our embedded approach starts with aligning your leadership team on mission, vision, and goals.

Team of hikers strategy to reach the goal at the top of the mountain
We ask questions like:
  • Does your plan have competitive advantages? Will it stand out? What makes it unique?
  • Can everyone in your organization get on board with the plan and invest themselves in it?
  • Are your internal resources aligned with your strategic goals? What do you need to change or add in order to get where you want to go?

Then we help you build a strategy that is actionable, achievable, and grounded in reality.

Strategic Planning

We develop strategic plans with you through stakeholder dialogue, environmental scans, and a thorough analysis of your organization’s current business operations. We help you draw from your core values and manifest your mission in its highest state, while also embracing real-world flexibility so you can adapt to currents in the swiftly and often radically changing philanthropic sector.

Development Audits

We’ve seen many nonprofits try to achieve growth and long-term sustainability without solid development operations in place, merely hoping for results rather than intentionally building toward them. The outcomes are predictably unpredictable.

Orr Group conducts data-driven evaluations that can range from comprehensive analyses of development operations to more granular studies of your major gift program, planned giving program, or individual giving program. Our approach always relies on the four pillars of successful fundraising: case, leadership, donors, and systems.

Based on our findings, we craft a development roadmap that’s plotted on your values, culture, organizational assets, and potential for growth. We include routes to both short-term milestones and long-term, sustainable relationships with donors, your board, and key stakeholders. You come away from our partnership with a clear, comprehensive, achievable plan.

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