Strategic Planning


Strategic plans are too often created with great intention, then are put on the backburner when the reality of actually implementing the plan sets in. What is it going to cost your organization to implement the plan? How is your organization going to raise the funds it needs to put the plan into action? These are the challenges many nonprofit organizations face when it comes to strategic planning.


Our approach to strategic planning starts with developing strategic clarity by ensuring that the leadership of the organization has a unified vision and mission and is aligned on goals and objectives. By engaging in this process, an organization will:

  • Determine its competitive advantages and unique differentiators.
  • Ensure that staff and board are aligned around a common vision and mission.
  • Increase staff and board engagement and investment in the mission.
  • Ensure that internal resources are aligned with execution of strategic and operational goals.


We understand what it takes to implement a strategic plan; we create plans that are actionable and achievable. Our recommendations are practical, not theoretical, and are grounded in your reality as well as the world in which you operate. What differentiates our approach is that we bring a philanthropic lens to our strategic planning projects, always thinking about how your goals can be funded.

Development Assessments


Many nonprofit organizations seek growth and long-term sustainability, yet do not have a comprehensive fundraising strategy in place to achieve their philanthropic and growth goals. More often than not, nonprofit organizations find themselves lacking the the right fundraising infrastructure, capacity, and assets to meet these aspirations.


Orr Group was founded on for-profit business principles, grounded in experience working exclusively with nonprofits. Our strength is to design honest assessments, deliver practical strategies and plans and execute fundraising based on metrics and results. Since Orr Group’s inception, our focus has been on results, rather than just being “of counsel.” We do not provide “cookie cutter” solutions. Instead, we provide you with honest, practical, action-driven guidance and then work alongside you to implement the recommendations. We fully own our work and are accountable for the results.


Using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, Orr Group evaluates your current development strategy and operations using the four pillars of successful fundraising – case, leadership, donors, and systems.

Based on our findings, we craft a development road map customized to your strategic direction, values, culture, organizational assets, and potential for growth. The road map focuses on both short-term objectives and on building long-term, sustainable relationships—with donors, the board, and key staff members.

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