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At Orr Group, we don’t shy away from tough conversations. We depend on them. By probing the heart of your challenges, we tailor custom solutions that stay true to your mission and tap your organization’s unique potential and power.  Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work, collaborating with you to drive the outcomes you knew you could achieve all along with the right partner.

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Working with Orr Group

We love partnering with nonprofits who are driven by ambition and vision. If your passion for a better world is matched only by a passion for finding a better way of doing things, then you’re a match for Orr Group — because those are our passions, too. We do more than preserve your status quo. Our business mindset helps you forge tangible improvement and measurable growth. And we pass our mindset on to you, so you can sustain it.

Our Services

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Watch video: "Fostering Ambition: Elevating Organizational Impact"