Bringing a business mindset to philanthropy.

Our Co-Founder, Steve Orr, spent his early days as an investment banker. Specializing in the financial sector at Goldman Sachs, he recognized the power of data and analytics to drive change, growth, and creative thinking. After more than a decade on Wall Street, inspired by a desire to make the world a better place, and by his own parents’ philanthropy, Steve and his wife Carol founded Orr Group (previously known as Orr Associates, Inc.).

Drawing from a fruitful career in interior design and special events, Co-Founder Carol Orr created our events management and fundraising service line, in addition to building and managing the firm’s human resources function for 20+ years. Carol’s business and events acumen led to some of our most notable event successes and achievements as a firm, which endure through today.

From our beginnings as an event management and fundraising firm, Orr Group evolved into a full-service embedded partnership pioneer. We offer our nonprofit partners a broad range of expertise and capabilities, from working at the highest levels of leadership and strategic planning to providing granular day-to-day support and implementation.

One of the key lessons Steve took away from Goldman Sachs was that “it’s all about the team.” Orr Group pioneered the embedded partnership model. We launch every client relationship by joining your team, listening carefully to your leaders and stakeholders, and ensuring that we embrace your mission and goals from the inside out. Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work on building strategy, stability, and revenue. It all starts with building your trust in us.

Watch video: "Our Embedded Partnership Model"