Nonprofits are guided by their values.

And we live by ours.

Our vision of success goes beyond the customized work with our individual partners. We’re helping to build creative strategies and data-driven approaches into the foundations of philanthropy. We want to help shape its future. We value and lead with anticipation and foresight, and we seek out and nurture the growth of individuals who are poised to take the nonprofit world to new places.

Orr Group Employees in a meeting
Drawing of scientists working with astronaut

Curiosity about the work.

That means asking great questions – sometimes tough ones – and letting the answers guide us to the truth. We want to know everything about our partners. We listen first, then analyze, then synthesize. That’s how the truth reveals itself.

Team carrying the key to strategy

Centering inclusion and
equity in decision-making.

We recognize the systemic inequities that shape our world, and we’re committed to combating them in the nonprofit sector. We strive for equity in our workplace, in our partners’ cultures, and in the field of philanthropy as a whole. We know that a diverse organization is a healthier and stronger organization. It’s simply better for business.

Team helping each other climb to the top

Elevating our people.

Investing time and energy in our staff helps them grow stronger in their work. We encourage each other to think creatively and build our work around our unique strengths. We give our teammates the reins so they can lead our charges, win the day, and get the credit they deserve for our wins.

Captain leading their crew

Committing to our partners.

Nonprofits are driven, above all, by mission, passion and belief. We hold our partners’ mindsets close in our approach to supporting them, and we align every suggestion and decision we make with their values.

drawing of a man tending to a fundraising money tree

Bringing a business mindset.

Top of mind in our work is always our clients’ missions, but we must also stay true to who we are. Nonprofits need to learn the language and territory of business. We’re their guides, translators, and sometimes transactors. We’re nimble, efficient, and smart. We pursue the best solutions, whether they’re brand new or tried and true. We know how to leverage the power of data, metrics, and analytics. And we’re always focused on the bottom line: Does it work?

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