Fundraising Campaign Feasibility Assessment, Planning and Execution

A feasibility study is an essential tool in helping plan successful fundraising and nonprofit capital campaigns. The study tests the feasibility of the proposed campaign initiatives, fundraising goal, and timeline. To ensure objectivity, studies should be performed by an outside consultant. Because feasibility studies almost always include personal interviews with prospective leadership and major donors, they also serve as an important cultivation exercise that helps prepare prospects for the coming campaign effort.

Orr Group works with our partners to analyze the potential to raise money through a campaign (capital, program, or endowment) and to create a campaign plan that identifies optimal structure, strategies, and resources for campaign success. We will work with you to deliver a campaign strategy and realistic campaign goal that takes into consideration the external environment and is grounded in the organization’s current resources and feedback from stakeholders.

Once your campaign’s feasibility has been tested, you are ready to undertake the next steps in campaign execution. The elements of a successful campaign include:

  • A compelling case for support
  • Dedicated campaign leadership
  • Qualified prospects
  • Well trained solicitors, and
  • Staff support.

Without any one of these elements, your campaign may not reach its goal. Orr Group provides support for all campaign activities onsite or offsite focusing first and foremost on fundraising campaign leadership.

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