Leadership Published Date, 2020

[WEBINAR] Leading Through Crisis To Recovery

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, strong leadership has been integral to nonprofit organizations’ responses to the crisis. Almost every leader has had to immediately develop, adapt, and improve its strategies and tactics to meet the evolving needs of its organization during this time. Beyond keeping employees safe and informed, it’s important for leaders to think about the long-term impact of which cost-containment options are available and how best to guide employees, Board members, and other key stakeholders through those decisions.

In this webinar, members of Orr Group’s Senior Leadership team – Steve OrrShaby RosalesCraig Shelley, and Katy Moore –  share insights and recommendations for leading organizations through crisis to recovery.

Key webinar takeaways include:

  • Leaders must be pragmatic and open-minded, especially during times of crisis. When considering cost-containment, all options need to be on the table and you have to consider the whole arc of the issue and its long-term impact on employees before pulling any specific lever.
  • Transparency is critical in both crisis communication and change management situations. In any change management process, it’s important to set expectations. Talking with your teams about what to expect coming out of this experience will be critical.
  • When communicating touch decisions or changes in your organization’s plan or direction with your Board members, remember to be clear, communicate early and often, and walk through logical reasoning and/or methodology so they can follow the line of thinking. Don’t be afraid of questions; lean right into the tough issues and be prepared to consider all options.
  • Maintaining and strengthen your culture of philanthropy is vital during times of crisis. Use this an an opportunity to focus on your mission, double down on training, and increase touch points and meetings with your staff. Having everyone row in the same direction now will help nonprofit organizations bounce back faster and stronger coming out of this crisis.

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