Fundraising,Leadership Published Date, 2020

[WEBINAR] Leadership and Fundraising Through A Crisis

Times of crisis like the one we are all currently experiencing, present abundant challenges and unique opportunities for those leaders and organizations that are poised to seize them. The pace at which we make decisions, the manner in which we lead and how we support our teams and culture are critical to surviving a crisis and to thriving post-crisis. Likewise, for nonprofit organizations, the way in which we communicate to stakeholders and nurture relationships allows us to weather the crisis and ultimately be stronger following it.

Hear from members of Orr Group’s leadership team – Steve OrrShaby Rosales, and Craig Shelley, CFRE as they share perspectives and past experiences about crisis management and address key factors that make a strong leader and facilitate fundraising during and after the crisis.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • The speed of decision making coupled with a leaders ability to implement decisions strategically and deliberately allows for long-term organizational benefits.
  • Manage up through involvement and communication. It is critical to listen to the opinions of your team, stakeholders, and donors.
  • Never let a crisis go to waste. Rely on the attributes of being decisive, flexible, and creative and invest in your team and organization.
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