Fundraising,Leadership,Talent Published Date, 2022

What A Bear Market Means For Philanthropy And Jobs | Orr Group TALKS

With the recent market turmoil, nonprofits and donors are finding themselves in situations of financial uncertainty. The ebbs and flows of the market may start impacting fundraising success, staff retention and growth planning, among other issues. Orr Group’s TALK focuses on what nonprofit leaders can do to effectively plan through this bear market uncertainty.

CJ Orr, Partner and President at Orr Group facilitates a discussion with Carter McClelland, Chairman of and Partner at Union Square Advisors, Former Chairman of Bank of America Securities, and current Board Co-Chair of Echoing Green and Shaby T. Rosales, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer at Orr Group. They share their historical perspectives, current insights, and recommendations for building effective planning strategies.


  • Understanding potential short- and long-term effects of the market on philanthropy.
  • How nonprofit leaders should approach donors during these times of uncertainty.
  • The current labor market and its impact on staff retention and performance.


  • Nonprofit executives and senior staff.
  • Current nonprofit board members.
  • Donors and investors concerned about the current economic situation.


Carter McClelland, Chair and Partner, Union Square Advisors, Board Co-Chair, Echoing Green

Carter McClelland is the Chairman of, and a Partner at, Union Square Advisors. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. McClelland most recently served as President of Bank of America New York Market and Chairman of Bank of America Securities. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors of Deutsche Bank North America. Mr. McClelland’s Wall Street career spans more than 40 years, including 21 years at Morgan Stanley, where he was Chief Administrative Officer and a member of the firm’s operating committee. Mr. McClelland was formerly Chairman of the Board of the United Way of New York City and is currently a Board Co-Chair of Echoing Green. He holds a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University.

Shaby T. Rosales, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer, Orr Group

Shaby oversees the HR function for Orr Group, as well as strategic initiatives and long-term projects for the firm. Her responsibilities include talent acquisition, onboarding and orientation, payroll and benefits, personnel management, and organizational planning and development. She also leads Orr Group’s team providing outsourced HR leadership and services to nonprofit clients. For example, Shaby serves as the Human Resources Director (HRD) for one of the nation’s leading disease research institute foundations. In this role, she advises on HR policies and procedures, as well as other issues related to staffing, management of the employment life cycle, and liaison with legal counsel. Shaby also leads the provision of outsourced Human Resources Management (HRM) services to a national civil rights advocacy firm. She has helped to develop a strategic HR roadmap and implement an annual plan to guide its activities across all aspects of the HR function. Before joining Orr Group, Shaby served as the Vice President of Human Resources for Congressional Bank, a privately-held financial institution based in Bethesda, MD, where she managed the HR function for the entire organization, helping grow the business from a local 25-person team to more than 300 staff nationwide.

CJ Orr, Partner and President, Orr Group

CJ is responsible for a portfolio of work that includes client services, operations, business development, and partner relationship management. On the operations side, CJ is responsible for setting and driving the achievement of Orr Group’s financial targets and overseeing office real estate and management. Additionally, CJ leads and supports the efforts of Orr Group’s sales and marketing team to identify and cultivate new business opportunities and build relationships with nonprofit partners, ensuring that the services offered are best aligned with our partners’ needs. CJ has a broad background in fundraising and development, strategic planning, campaigns, and event management. He has led strategic initiatives and fundraising for several large galas and campaigns. In addition, as a project and relationship manager, he executes the development of strategies and tactics to ensure highly memorable events and campaigns that meet or exceed fundraising targets. CJ’s background in finance provides him with a strong foundation in analytics, metrics, and ROI. Before working at Orr Group, CJ worked in Institutional Fixed Income Trading at Alliance Bernstein, where he was responsible for funds trading, account management, and reviewing analytical research. He also spent several years in municipal bonds sales and trading at Oppenheimer & Co.

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