Unveiling The AI Toolkit For Fundraising Strategies For Success
Fundraising Published Date, 2023

Unveiling The AI Toolkit For Fundraising: Strategies For Success

Created By: CJ Orr
November 21, 2023

The field of artificial intelligence is continuing to evolve, and with it, nonprofit organizations should stay abreast of the many growing ways in which AI can augment their fundraising, operational, and donor engagement experience. At Orr Group, we are actively and continuously working to research and qualify AI tools that would serve the nonprofit sector.

As a part of our shared learning, I recently participated in a panel session on “Unveiling the AI Toolkit for Fundraising: Live Demos and Success Stories”. The conversation was a productive exchange of experiences and insights that provided attendees with practical guidance and valuable lessons learned in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. The session underscored three trends and themes we’re continuing to see in the field:  

  1. AI is rapidly transforming nonprofit fundraising. Understanding its capabilities and limitations is crucial for nonprofit organizations to effectively navigate this transformation.
  2. AI ethics and responsible AI practices are paramount. As AI becomes more pervasive, it is essential to ensure its ethical development and deployment to avoid potential biases and negative impacts.
  3. AI tools can enhance productivity and efficiency in fundraising. Various AI-powered tools are available to streamline tasks, automate processes, and improve decision-making which we list below.
Exploring AI Resources and Tools
AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity

Below are several AI tools that can enhance productivity and efficiency at your organization:

  • Chat GPT 4.0: A powerful language model for generating text, translating languages, and writing different kinds of creative content.
  • Google Bard: A large language model capable of generating text, translating languages, writing different creative content formats, and answering questions in an informative way.
  • Zoom AI Companion: An AI-powered tool that provides real-time transcription, note-taking, and meeting highlights during Zoom meetings.
  • Claude: An AI-powered tool that helps with writing emails, documents, and social media posts.
  • Grammarly: A grammar checker and writing assistant that helps improve writing quality.
  • Zapier: An automation tool that connects different apps and services to streamline workflows.
  • Airtable: A flexible database tool for organizing and managing data.
  • Grantable: An AI-powered tool that helps nonprofits find and apply for grants.
  • Microsoft Copilot: An AI-powered coding assistant that helps programmers write code more efficiently.
  • Mid-Journey: An AI-powered tool that helps with project management and task prioritization.
Additional Resources for AI Exploration

If you’re looking for further exploration of AI topics, these resources may be helpful:

As AI continues to transform various industries and aspects of our lives, staying informed and exploring its potential applications is crucial for individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in the AI-powered future.

Stay tuned for more to come from Orr Group’s AI Taskforce as we build and share our toolbox with you!

CJ Orr

CJ Orr is President and Partner of Orr Group. As an expert project and relationship manager with 10+ years of experience in the sector, CJ utilizes data and technology to execute on the development of strategies and tactics to drive effective fundraising plans that meet or exceed targets.  

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