The Challenges

Having dedicated, talented staff is essential to any organization’s success. Unfortunately, for many nonprofits, high turnover rates, long vacancies, and unfavorable work environments are often cited as top challenges, especially for critically important leadership and development roles.

Talented human resources professionals can help your organization overcome these challenges. But, having a full-time HR team increases your overhead and maintaining cutting edge expertise and knowledge of best practices requires expensive training and ongoing professional development.

Orr Group’s Solutions

We recognize the challenges nonprofits face and partner with our clients to address them. We specialize in recruiting top talent, nurturing and retaining fundraising staff, embedding our experienced professionals within organizations as interim support, and driving strong cultures of philanthropy.

Our team focuses on developing these solutions alongside our partners – quickly assessing the intricacies of a nonprofit organization’s existing culture, its impact on talent, areas for improvement, and avenues for change.

Overview of Nonprofit Recruitment and Outsourced HR Services

From attracting and retaining top talent to serving as transitional leaders, we can provide you with the recruitment, talent management, and interim HR leadership that you need.

The Benefits of Working with Orr Group

  • Flexible Pricing: We operate on a low monthly retainer, helping our nonprofit partners save money and incentivize top talent without breaking the bank.
  • Personal Approach: We believe in working alongside our nonprofit partners. We do the work with you, so we understand your staffing needs and what it takes for a candidate to be successful.
  • Our Team: Comprised of experienced nonprofit professionals and HR leaders, we have the practical, hands-on experience to help you recruit and retain the right talent.

We prize innovation and hard work, and we believe both pay off in every duty we perform for our clients.

Get in touch today to see how our Nonprofit Recruitment and Outsourced HR services can work for you.