With the challenges you’re tackling, you need more than a consultancy.

You need a partner.

That’s why nonprofits work with Orr Group. We embed our team in yours, supplying you with the people, resources, and customized solutions you need to drive your mission forward.

Our Services


Our embedded team audits your development approach, builds a plan, aligns your leadership, and gives you hands-on strategic support.


Work with our team to manage everything from major gifts to live or virtual events to corporate and foundation partnerships.


The game-changer for nonprofits. Build your campaign with us, from planning and comprehensive design to full-service management.


Recruit and retain talent, deepen your DEI focus, or work with Orr Group to embed us as your entire HR department.

Planned Giving

A historic transfer of wealth is underway. We can help you strategize for it and build long-term financial health.


From executive coaching to board recruitment to interim leadership, we support your needs from the top down.

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Where philanthropy is now, and where we see it going.

Diversity vs. Inclusion: Know The Difference
Diversity vs. Inclusion: Know The Difference

Often used interchangeably, diversity and inclusion are not the same, and understanding the difference is critical to enabling the success of employees and teams.

Where The Money Is? — And Why That Matters For Nonprofits
Where The Money Is? — And Why That Matters For Nonprofits

By developing the capacity for engaging today’s and tomorrow’s wealth accumulators, nonprofit executives and fundraising professionals position themselves to advance the long-term growth of their organizations. Knowledge of the basic financial drivers in today’s unique economic and political environment will serve those leaders well in helping unlock these opportunities.

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