Highly-Customized Results

We take the time at the beginning of an assignment to get to know our nonprofit partners and their people before we dive into any project, such as a nonprofit capital campaign plan. We collaborate to ensure expectations are being met, and to answer any questions along the way. Relationships are key and we work very hard to earn our clients’ trust and keep it. At the end of an assignment or project, we take stock and evaluate lessons learned, both for us and for the partnering organization. Our goal is to deliver a fundraising assessment, program, campaign or event that’s highly-tailored to a nonprofit’s culture, mission, and constituencies.

Realistic and Actionable Recommendations

We promise realistic and actionable recommendations. We’ve all experienced the consultant report that takes six months to produce but ends up sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Because we regularly partner with our clients to help them implement our nonprofit capital campaign plan or other development recommendations, we’re very attuned to the realities of staffing, budgets, and timelines. We don’t make recommendations we wouldn’t or couldn’t implement ourselves!

Cutting Edge Tech

Fundraising technology is evolving fast. We’re committed to understanding and deploying the latest technology tools, both to help clients and to deliver our services. Our Technology Task Force meets weekly to review software advances and view product demonstrations. We’re always looking for ways to fundraise better, faster, and more cost-effectively.