Nonprofit worker leaving their job
Talent Published Date, 2022

Why Nonprofits Must Make Peace with Turnover

Created By: Shaby Rosales
July 21, 2022

Turnover is usually regarded as a problem to be fixed, and the conventional response to a high turnover rate is a retention strategy. It makes sense — up to a point. Just as nonprofits should strive to retain supporters rather than going in search of new ones, doing what we can to keep high-performing team members engaged and satisfied is always a worthwhile investment. In that replacing a staff member can be expensive, the conventional thinking is correct, but there’s a bigger picture to consider. Organizations that become proficient at adapting to change will always come out on top. Turnover will always be a factor, and it may be a growing aspect of the new normal, due to circumstances beyond our control. Shaby Rosales offers five observations about turnover to consider before you implement that retention strategy via NonProfit PRO.

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