Fundraising Published Date, 2020

[WEBINAR] Necessities For Attracting & Securing Mega-Gifts


For our first conversation in our three-part series on Attracting “Mega” Philanthropy, we are joined by guest speakers Mindee Barham, Vice President of Development at Grameen America, and Chuck Harris, Chief Development Officer at Blue Meridian Partners, to explore the unique attributes that make an organization “ready” to receive these mega-gifts, and the differing strategies that make attracting contributions of this magnitude possible.

As we watch in awe as the world’s mega-philanthropists are making bold investments in impactful nonprofits, it’s important for an organization to understand what is required to attract these mega-gifts, and what nonprofit leaders and fundraisers should be thinking about as they look to scale and increase impact. In this webinar, we dive deep into our speakers’ perspectives and experiences and discuss key elements to mega-giving.

If you’re interested in learning even more about mega-giving, check out our recent article, “3 Necessities to Attract Mega-Gifts”.

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