Partner Perspectives Anna Becker and Adrian Poffley, Sightsavers
Leadership Published Date, 2024

Partner Perspectives: Sightsavers

Watch Now: Interview with Anna Becker, Director of Institutional Funding, and Adrian Poffley, US Board Chair at Sightsavers.

Anna brings over 20 years of nonprofit experience and expertise in health equity and global development to her leadership role at Sightsavers, where she has worked for 13 years. Centering her work around health equity and inclusion, Anna leads the development and implementation of Sightsavers’ institutional fundraising strategy, building partnerships with governments, institutions, and other development organizations to jointly increase their impact.

Adrian is a Chief Administrative Officer in the Budget, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning Vice Presidency at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2003, Adrian served as Sightsavers’ Finance Director. His continued involvement with the organization, combined with an extensive career in finance and 30 years of experience serving on various nonprofit boards, has provided him with a unique perspective at the intersection of finance and global philanthropy.

Adrian, Anna, and the team at Sightsavers began a partnership with Orr Group in 2022 to help assess the potential of and design a strategy for growing and sustaining U.S.-based trusts and foundations fundraising. Our work since has expanded, and we are continuing to serve as strategic and embedded partners, advising and strengthening its U.S. board and providing hands-on capacity and support to augment its fundraising operations.

Learn more about Adrian and Anna’s unique career paths, their vision for the future of Sightsavers’ global impact, and the power of partnership in the video above.

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