Published Date, 2023

Partner Perspectives: Kelly Fitzsimmons, Founder & Chief Executive, Project Evident

Kelly founded Project Evident in 2017 out of a commitment to the building and use of evidence and a deep dissatisfaction with the current approach. A passionate social innovator, Kelly previously served as Vice President and Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, Co-Founder of Leadwell Partners and New Profit Inc., and has held senior leadership, board, and committee positions across the sector. Under Kelly's leadership, Project Evident has grown substantially in its first five years of existence to grow the impact of data- and evidence-based decisions for social impact practitioners and funders. Kelly and Project Evident began its partnership with Orr Group in 2021 to assess its readiness for, and subsequently manage, a five-year major campaign to expand its direct services work and increase its focus on philanthropy.

Hear from Kelly on her inspiration for founding Project Evident, the power of strong data and evidence to drive solutions for the social sector, and the impact of our ongoing partnership together in the video above.

*Note: Kelly served as the COO of Crittenton Hastings House, not the CEO.

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