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Leadership Published Date, 2024

Partner Perspectives: Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan

Watch Now: Interview with Monica Woodson, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan.

Monica has led GSSEM as its CEO since 2020 and brings 20+ years of experience in nonprofit programming and leadership, as well as an extensive background working with organizations serving young people including Girl Scouts. She has played an instrumental role in expanding GSSEM’s programmatic operations and changing perceptions of what Girl Scouts as an organization can do and be for all members of its community. Monica is a proud Girl Scouts alum and credits her Girl Scouts experiences from childhood to high school graduation with giving her the skills necessary to pursue and achieve her career goals.

Monica and the team at GSSEM began partnering with Orr Group in the fall of 2023 to facilitate its #BeyondTheCookie leadership retreat, aimed at building alignment among stakeholders to chart a path forward for the organization. Building on a successful retreat, we’ve expanded our work together and are currently serving as embedded partners in designing the organization’s ambitious new strategic plan.

Hear Monica’s unique perspective on the Girl Scouts mission, her exciting vision for GSSEM’s future, and the impact of our continued partnership in the video above.

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