Published Date, 2023

Orr Group’s 30th Anniversary Partner Perspectives: Lysa Ratliff, Chief Executive Officer, KABOOM!

In our "Partner Perspectives" series, we're joined by Lysa Ratliff, Chief Executive Officer of KABOOM!. Lysa became KABOOM!'s newest CEO in February of 2021 after serving in various senior leadership roles at the organization for over 5 years. Throughout her career, Lysa has served as a champion for kids and their resilience, leading efforts to connect partners and make change for communities and kids across the country, and around the world. Lysa and KABOOM! partnered with Orr Group in 2017 to help pivot their fundraising approach to one more focused on initiatives, as opposed to individual playgrounds, that would be more appealing to individual major donors.

Hear from Lysa about what inspired her career in the nonprofit sector, her motivation for ending playspace inequity, and the impact of our partnership together in the video above.

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