Leadership,Talent Published Date, 2021

Orr Group TALKS Ft. Brandolon Barnett, Lead Of CSR Industry Solutions Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud

“Dreams Deferred”, a book by Salesforce exec, social innovator and first-time author, Brandolon Barnett, tells the story of his becoming an agent of change as a man of color in the world of philanthropy. His poignant story of being raised by a single mom, having a heart for service, and a wanderlust for international learning and adventure offers a unique perspective of person intent on living his life focused on the future against a backdrop of challenging circumstances. Not having access to the means to fund his education, travel or even to launch his career, he faced many obstacles that only fueled his drive to make the world a better place. Recently, Brandolon shared some of his insights with an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In this Orr Group TALKS, Brandolon speaks with Tisha Hyter, Vice President at Orr Group, to explore the lack of diversity in nonprofits, how he’s using his voice to break norms and recommendations for how others can democratize giving.

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