AI Published Date, 2023

Maximizing Fundraising Potential: Unlocking the Power of AI Tools, Pt. 2 | Orr Group LEARNS

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have proven to be significant game-changers in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. These technologies are playing an integral role in enhancing efficiency, creativity, and personalization in donor engagement, gift processing, and outreach, as well as streamlining internal and time-consuming functions like communications and HR.

In Part 2 of Orr Group LEARNS "Maximizing Fundraising Potential: Unlocking The Power of AI Tools" (watch Part 1 here), Orr Group's President and Partner, CJ Orr and teammate Terry Cangelosi introduce several new AI technologies including GPT 4.0, Google Bard, Perplexity, Midjourney, and more. Through real-time demonstrations, CJ will guide participants on how to effectively leverage each tool for fundraising, while also highlighting their associated benefits and challenges.

Whether you're a novice embarking on your AI journey or an experienced professional seeking to diversify your fundraising toolbox, this educational session will provide attendees with actionable takeaways and practical tactics for nonprofit professionals at all levels. Discover how to harness the power of AI to elevate your fundraising in a safe and effective manner, and equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate this transformative technology with confidence.


  • Understanding how to correctly and efficiently use AI tools such as GPT 4.0, Google Bard, Perplexity, Midjourney, and more.
  • The advantages, limitations, and precautions that come with using such AI tools in fundraising.
  • Insights on incorporating AI tools into your overall fundraising strategy and day-to-day tasks.


Having served as a trusted partner to clients for over 10 years, CJ Orr has broad experience in fundraising and development, executive leadership, strategic planning, campaigns, and event management. He has launched funds, designed and led strategic initiatives, and driven fundraising for large galas and campaigns ranging from $10M to $1B+ in revenue. As an expert project and relationship manager, he executes on the development of strategies and tactics to drive effective fundraising plans that meet or exceed targets.

Internally, CJ is responsible for setting and driving achievement of Orr Group’s financial targets and overseeing efficient operations within the firm. Additionally, CJ supports the efforts of Orr Group’s Growth team to identify and cultivate new business opportunities and build relationships with nonprofit partners, ensuring that the services offered are best aligned with our partners’ needs. 

CJ’s background in finance provides him with a strong foundation in analytics, metrics and ROI. Prior to working at Orr Group, CJ worked in Institutional Fixed Income Trading at Alliance Bernstein, where he was responsible for funds trading, account management, and reviewing analytical research. He also spent several years in municipal bonds sales and trading at Oppenheimer & Co.

Terry is responsible for ensuring the most efficient operations in Orr Group’s office-wide workflows, technology, and infrastructure. In his role, Terry maintains safe, compliant, and effective day-to-day operations and implements projects to continually improve organizational systems.

Prior to joining Orr Group, Terry built up a resume with more than 10 years of experience in nonprofit operations, facilities, and IT. Most recently, Terry served as the Director of Operations at Americans for the Arts. In this role, Terry implemented and standardized organizational practices and procedures, introduced new systems, and helped support the organization’s IT infrastructure, office services, contracting, HR, and meetings & events. Before that, Terry worked at Imagination Stage, serving as the Facilities Manager and Assistant General Manager.

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