AI,Fundraising Published Date, 2024

Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Fundraising | Orr Group TALKS

In today's fast-paced nonprofit landscape, technology isn't just a tool—it's a catalyst for growth. In this Orr Group TALKS, industry leaders Craig Shelley, CFRE, Chief Growth Officer and Partner at Orr Group, and Adam Martel, CEO and Founder at Givzey, explore how nonprofits can harness the latest technological advancements to supercharge their fundraising efforts.


  • Discover the strategic advantages of integrating technology into fundraising.
  • Explore actionable strategies and best practices for leveraging AI, automation, and data analytics.
  • Hear real-world success stories and gain insights from industry leaders.


  • Nonprofit executives and senior staff.
  • Current nonprofit board members.
  • Donors and investors curious about the adoption of AI technologies across nonprofit organizations.


Adam Martel is CEO and Founder of Givzey, nonprofit fundraising’s first Intelligent Gift Documentation Management Platform. Adam is also known as the author of The Future of Fundraising Newsletter, which has more than 50,000 subscribers, and founder and former CEO of Gravyty, the fundraiser enablement solution that first introduced AI to the nonprofit sector. Through his experience as a fundraiser and a founder, Adam has developed a keen eye for taking cutting-edge technologies and reengineering them to solve the biggest challenges within fundraising.

Craig is a trusted partner and advisor to the nonprofit sector’s most ambitious leaders. He advances the missions of nonprofits by bringing a change-management and entrepreneurial approach to strategy, organizational development, fundraising, and board optimization. In addition to his direct work with clients, as a Partner and the firm’s Chief Growth Officer, Craig helps to set the course for Orr Group’s continued success. He leads our Impact Group, focused on identifying and meeting the needs of our nonprofit partners and projecting our best practices and viewpoints across the sector, as well as our Growth Team, which is responsible for our brand, marketing, communications, thought leadership, and business development efforts. Craig is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and frequently speaks at conferences and publishes articles on leadership and philanthropy.

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