Sarah Stremlau

Chief Strategy Officer

About Sarah

As Orr Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sarah leads the development and implementation of firmwide strategy to support the organization’s continued evolution, expansion, and maturation. In addition, Sarah oversees Orr Group’s strategy practice area, which helps nonprofits develop business plans that are data-driven, actionable, and provide clear pathways for achieving greater impact.

Sarah has more than 20 years of experience helping nonprofit, philanthropic, and government leaders more effectively, efficiently, and strategically scale and achieve greater impact. Across her career in the social sector, Sarah has helped nonprofit and government entities use data, set vision, and identify and establish the resources, systems, and processes needed to achieve growth and change.

Prior to joining Orr Group, Sarah was President of LOCUS Impact Investing, which empowers philanthropists to leverage their assets and use innovative financing tools for community economic development. Before joining LOCUS, Sarah was an Associate Managing Director at Arabella Advisors. In this capacity, she co-led the 100+ member Managed Organizations team, which developed, incubated, launched, and provided the operational infrastructure to hundreds of charitable initiatives.

This is Sarah’s second stint at Orr Group, where she worked for five years prior to Arabella Advisors. As Vice President of Strategy at the time, Sarah developed sustainable organizational and revenue strategies for a broad spectrum of nonprofits. Earlier in her career, Sarah was Senior Research Officer at the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), where she oversaw the NEA’s research portfolio and developed the strategic plan for the Endowment. Additionally, she worked in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Group at the World Bank, coordinating a 15-country study on economic mobility.

When I'm not working…

I’m exploring the many local playgrounds, trails, and nature preserves with my husband and very active toddler.

Favorite Book Genre

Literary Fiction