Bobby Hunter

Senior Associate Director

About Bobby

Bobby is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the organization’s use of technology and internal systems. Bobby develops and executes roadmaps that include enhancements to functions and integrations, implementation of new software and systems, training and supporting users in all roles, minimizing downtime due to planned and unplanned maintenance, and managing contracts and relationships with suppliers of the systems.

Prior to joining Orr Group, Bobby worked in live performance production management at the University of Maryland, College Park School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, as well as with the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage and Social Impact teams. Bobby led cross-disciplinary teams of artists and administrators toward innovative and engaging audience experiences. Along the way, Bobby built management systems for scheduling, budgeting, staffing, facilities, and technical training to support the operations of both organizations.

What makes me happy is…

Hosting a long board game night with friends, snuggling with my dogs Hero and Rebel, and learning something new each day.

Favorite Book Genre

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Recent Publications