United Way Worldwide (UWW) engages with nearly 1,800 communities around the world to improves lives through education, financial stability and health. By mobilizing local organizations and resources, United Way Worldwide addresses a community’s most critical problems and creates community-based and community-led solutions to enhance quality of life.

UWW has traditionally supported the efforts of their local affiliate networks, but with the rise of national disasters, UWW created a number of important National Recovery Funds.

Understanding the importance of improving the development infrastructure as these funds continue to grow, UWW partnered with Orr Group to develop a cross-departmental gift processing system, improve reporting lags for gifts received, and inspire confidence in donor data through accurate recordkeeping.

After a discovery phase during which Orr Group conducted staff interviews, analyzed organizational processes, and the existing infrastructure, Orr Group provided a draft gift processing method that integrated industry best practices with organizational needs. Following completion of the process, Orr Group began serving as an interim gift processor to test and refine the method to ensure all parties remained dedicated to ensuring the process works as intended.

Orr Group provided United Way Worldwide with a draft gift processing method that was tested and refined as we then served as interim gift processor.