New Teacher Center

Orr Group partnered with New Teacher Center to diversify its funding portfolio and strengthen its development capacity and assets as the organization set a strategic plan to substantially grow revenue over the next three to five years.

New Teacher Center helping students
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New Teacher Center (NTC) is a national nonprofit aimed at disrupting educational inequities for systemically underserved students by enhancing educator effectiveness. In partnership with school districts and educators across the country, NTC focuses on advancing equity and ensuring student success by increasing the efficacy of teachers and school leaders at every level. Under its new CEO, NTC sought to boost its fundraising efforts over the next three to five years.

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Partnering with Orr Group, NTC aimed to diversify its funding sources and maximize philanthropic impact. Orr Group conducted a thorough assessment of NTC’s fundraising infrastructure and leadership capabilities, crafted a compelling support case, and devised a roadmap for revenue growth. Our final recommendations included aligning leadership and Board members around a simplified, impactful mission and vision; revamping the development department for efficiency; deepening engagement in core revenue areas; and introducing individual and corporate giving. Further, to ensure that NTC could be strategic in achieving this new growth, Orr Group recommended implementing Salesforce by serving as NTC’s Data Manager to drive moves management and create a stronger culture data-driven decision making within the organization.

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Following the assessment, NTC expanded its partnership with Orr Group for development support, specifically in individual and corporate fundraising. This collaboration not only propelled NTC’s fundraising initiatives but also provided leadership and Board counsel. Orr Group served as a strategic advisor to the CEO on leadership, fundraising strategy, and organizational effectiveness, facilitating growth and laying the groundwork for future engagements with major prospects and Board leaders. This partnership has strengthened NTC’s capacity to fulfill its mission, marking a significant stride towards educational equity.