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Orr Group partnered with JUST Capital to launch a $15M campaign to position JUST Capital as the trusted, independent platform for measuring and improving companies on stakeholder performance.

JUST Capital going public on the stock market
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Founded in 2013, JUST Capital is dedicated to building a more just marketplace that better reflects the true priorities of the American people. Through research, rankings, and data-driven tools, JUST Capital helps people make more informed decisions about where to invest, work and buy with the goal of directing capital towards companies advancing a more just future. 

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s seminal essay in the New York Times, JUST Capital was planning to launch a strategic capital campaign to raise critical funds to define the next 50 years of capitalism. In anticipation of the campaign launch, JUST Capital needed to design and execute an events strategy for a series of intimate cultivation events. The events would be hosted by leaders in the space, representing a core group of anchor supporters who will moderate conversations with key partners, stakeholders, potential donors, board members, etc. around what they believe the priorities of the next 50 years should be and how JUST Capital can help to shape this future.

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To lead this effort, JUST Capital engaged Orr Group to build a comprehensive fundraising strategy and lay the groundwork for launching a $15 million campaign to invest in their mission of influencing corporate behavior to build an economy that works for all Americans. JUST Capital worked with Orr Group to identify the strategy, messaging, tools, and resources needed to grow their philanthropic revenue and expand their base of supporters. 

Following the assessment, Orr Group created the roadmap for the organization’s “Series JUST” fundraising initiative, provided interim fundraising support, and set up the systems needed for the recently hired Director of Development.