Orr Group is partnering with Co-Impact to implement the strategies and tactics needed to raise the initial $500M for their $1B fund.


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Co-Impact is a global philanthropic collaborative that supports partners to transform large-scale systems in the areas of health, education, and economic opportunity, to achieve equitable and inclusive impact at scale in the Global South. In its first Fund, Co-Impact brought together more than 40 funders from over 16 countries and pooled hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the gap in gender equality in addition to the many other burdens borne by women and girls. Programs and systems remain gender blind and women are inadequately represented in leadership in the institutions and systems that provide basic services to millions of people. To address gender and other forms of exclusion, Co-Impact is bringing together leading philanthropists, foundations, and other donors to commit more than a billion dollars to promote women’s voice, influence and agency and gender transformative programs at scale. This Fund will support large-scale programs in health, education and economic opportunity that have gender equitable outcomes and inclusion at the heart of their design and management.

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To provide Co-Impact with the development capacity it needs to achieve the Fund’s philanthropic goal of raising $1B, Orr Group is providing outsourced fundraising. In this role, we’re partnering with Co-Impact’s Executive Office and Philanthropy team, providing strategic guidance and day-to-day management. This includes validating existing prospects and identifying and researching new prospects, leveraging existing relationships for introductions to the Fund, overseeing the moves management process, developing Fund collateral and refining and enhancing the organization’s cultivation and solicitation processes. As part of this work, we identified and qualified over 160 priority prospects with a potential value of over $1 billion.

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To date, we have successfully supported Co-Impact in raising nearly $400 million towards the Fund’s $1B goal.