Since our company’s inception in 1991, Orr Group’s expert staff has strategically planned, managed, produced, and fundraised for hundreds of nonprofit events and conferences in more than 50 cities nationwide that have collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our belief is that a well-organized and well-marketed event will improve both an organization’s financial results and boost its image and reputation.

While there are many event planning firms that will produce beautiful events for your nonprofit, we are different in that we are not just event producers, we are also event fundraisers. We focus on building sustainable revenue from strategically cultivated prospects and donors, rather than one-time donations from your event. We understand that building relationships with large potential donors takes time, and we can design and implement unique strategies using your fundraising events to make the most of those relationships.

We are expert event fundraisers and expert nonprofit event producers. Whatever the work might be, from securing the venue, to managing the talent, and working to stay on budget, Orr Group can handle every detail, so your staff can focus on their key priorities.

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