Acquiring Talent for Nonprofits

Having dedicated, talented staff is essential to any organization’s success. Unfortunately, for many nonprofits, critically important leadership roles have become a revolving door. Knowing how to find those people can be a challenge, which is why developing a recruitment strategy is critical to your organization’s success.

Orr Group recognizes these challenges and is working in partnership with our clients to address them. We specialize in nurturing and retaining fundraising staff, recruiting top talent to fill clients’ staffing needs, and embedding our staff inside organizations as interim fundraising leaders. We have a proven track record of finding qualified, experienced candidates that will fit into your existing team and culture. Our recruiting services for nonprofits will strengthen your team while allowing you to focus on the big picture. We handle the smaller details, such as sorting through resumes and looking for work and life experience that match your needs.

We will work alongside you to determine which candidates meet your needs. We believe that taking a collaborative approach to recruitment will lead to finding the best people. We will use our expertise in nonprofit management to uncover the best people for the job, and you’ll have the chance to find someone who will contribute to your team right away.

The Benefits of Using Our Nonprofit Talent Acquisition and Management Services

  • Experience: Our team is comprised of experienced nonprofit executive, fundraising, and human resource leaders. We have the practical, hands-on experience to help you define your talent needs and the resources to find your ideal candidate(s).
  • Flexible: Unlike most recruiting firms who work on a percentage basis, we operate on a low monthly retainer. This unique and transparent pricing structure saves our nonprofit clients money and allows you to incentivize top talent.
  • Personalized: We believe in getting to know our clients from the inside out. For many of our client engagements, Orr Group staff is in your office, embedded alongside your team, getting to know your unique culture, challenges, and opportunities. We’re doing the work, so we understand your staffing needs and what it will take for a candidate to be successful.

We know that every day you go without filling a position is a challenge, and we want to get your team operating at capacity and functioning better than ever. We will devote time to developing a recruitment strategy that is uniquely built to match your needs and brings the top candidates to your attention.

Fill Your Positions Quickly and Efficiently With Orr Group’s Talent Acquisition Services

Whether you need ongoing recruitment services or you have a single position you need filled immediately, Orr Group can provide the nonprofit recruitment assistance you need. Our capabilities include working with a wide range of nonprofits across multiple disciplines to get the right people in place to do the job. When you work with us, you’ll get a high level of dedication, combined with a desire to exceed your expectations. We want to fill your positions with people who will move your mission forward.

We prize innovation and hard work, and we believe both pay off in every duty we perform for our clients. Get in touch today to see how our nonprofit talent acquisition and management services can work for you.