The NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative (NYCCLSI) aims to improve student achievement by meeting the health, safety and social service needs of students, parents and communities. It does this by facilitating partnerships between schools and nonprofits, local businesses and non-governmental organizations, as well as with government agencies. These agencies, in turn, provide vital services to public schools, making each a hub in its community. The Initiative was launched in 2012 by the United Federation of Teachers with six demonstration schools, a number that has now grown to almost 30 schools.

Orr Group worked with NYCCLSI to develop a high-level strategic road map to articulate NYCCLSI’s three-year goals, determine how NYCCLSI’s model and programs would help the organization achieve those goals, and assess how philanthropy was needed to support this road map. We also assisted in identifying, cultivating, and recruiting new board members who could drive both financial and programmatic success. We additionally worked to include prospective board members and stakeholders in the strategic planning effort as a cultivation step.

As NYCCLSI, Inc. continues its work to establish and launch an educational institute, Orr Group is working with its leadership and new Executive Director to establish the institute as a means for NYCCLSI, Inc to positively and significantly impact the provision of community-based learning services in New York City, in the state of New York, and more broadly across the nation. This work includes the establishment of an advisory board and governing board to drive both oversight of and fundraising for the new institute.

Orr Group worked with NYCCLSI to develop a high-level strategic road map to articulate its goals, determine how its model and programs would move it towards those goals, and harness the power of philanthropy.