Girls Inc. is an organization dedicated to equipping girls from low-income communities with the knowledge and skills they need to take on life’s challenges through programming focused on healthy living, academic achievement, and life skills development. Girls Inc. has a network of 82 affiliates in 400 cities, creating a platform for girls across North America to become strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Inc.’s five-year strategic plan set a target of doubling the number of girls who receive its comprehensive and intensive experience, to bring the total to at least 100,000. This plan required $20 million in investments to ensure that Girls Inc. was well-positioned to continue its positive momentum. When Girls Inc. came to Orr Group, the organization had raised all but $5.5 million from generous board members and major donors.

Girls Inc. partnered with Orr Group to create a case for support for the campaign, develop a pipeline of major donor prospects, and create a road map for raising the final $5.5 million. To help pave the path to raising the final campaign dollars, we drafted a case statement that balanced the emotional appeal of the girls’ stories with the business case for investing in the organization. Fourteen board members and prospective donors were interviewed and shared their feedback on the messaging, their propensity to support the campaign, and any thoughts on additional prospective donors. To further expand the donor pool, we undertook research to identify individuals within Girls Inc.’s current network with the inclination and capacity to support the campaign, but who had not yet been approached.

Our findings suggested that Girls Inc. had the potential to raise the remaining funds from its current donor base. The road map we prepared set out a timeline and plan to raise the remaining funds based on the strength of Girls Inc.’s donor relationships, recommendations on which donors that Girls Inc. should focus on, suggestions to increase board engagement in the campaign, and a strategy for building a sustainable major donor program to carry the organization into the future.

Girls Inc. partnered with Orr Group to create a case for support, develop a pipeline of major gifts prospects, and create a road map for closing out Girls Inc.’s $20 million campaign.